Special Requests

Looking for a specific perfume not available on our site, whether it by name or type of fragrance we’re able to source products on special request.

Rare and hard to find perfumes as well as end of range brands which you really love. Also able to source Dubai perfumes, Arabian Oud, premium Colognes and other exclusive European imported fragrances.

1. Submit your request;

2. We notify you within 24hrs if we’re able to obtain the product and how long it will take to order;

3. A R100 deposit will need to be paid, if item is not on our regular catalogue, before item is ordered;

Terms & Conditions Apply.

Send us a message below with your requests via the form, email or WhatsApp.

Email Requests: sales@allperfumes.co.za

WhatsApp Requests: +27 60 718 6260(click to chat)

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